Other Projects

I've worked on many other instrumentation systems over the years; here are a few


26 Gigasample/sec ADC

Developed to demonstrate the feasibility and stability of data transmission at greater than 10 Gb/s per data lane, this project interfaced the HMC5AD831 ADC from Hittite Microwave (now part of ADI) to a Xilinx Virtex-7 development board.
ADC1X26G Test Report



Developed at UC Berkeley in collaboration with the University of Hawaii, this system digitizes 160 channels of microchannel plate charge information at 1 Gsample/sec per channel, by the use of a purpose-built transient-recorder ASIC.  Two FPGAs are used to manage data storage and conversion, and centroid calculation.
Graph Poster


Fast Timepix Readout

The TimePix ASIC is a 256-by-256 pixel array chip capable of photon counting and timing at X-ray wavelengths. When coupled to a microchannel plate or photodiode array, the chip can be used for event counting and timing of other photon wavelengths or of particles. Working with researchers at UC Berkeley, I developed a system for high frame rate readout of four such chips at high rates (25Gb/s front end rate), permitting stroboscopic imaging of objects illuminated by a neutron beam.
Timepix System Manual


Cubesat Digitizer

Designed and built for Jet Propulsion Lab, this system incorporates a 2 gigasample/sec A/D converter with a Zynq system-on-chip to make a digital "back-end" for a remote-sensing microwave spectrometer carried on a low-earth-orbit satellite.
Test Report


Time/Digital Converter


Converts the time between a Start pulse and a Stop pulse to a digital value, with about 10 picosecond single-shot resolution.  Used for encoding the arrival positions of single photon events produced by a microchannel plate photon detector.  Developed for Sensor Sciences LLC.